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10 week transformation program.
$34.99 per week

Lifestyle Program

Unlimited access to workouts.
$12 per week or $120 for 12 weeks

Trained by Kylie

Specialised Woman Only Online Personal Training and Nutrition Programs

Isn’t it about time you made your health and happiness a priority too?

My belief is my passion – through health and fitness and healing our relationship with food, we can be living our best lives yet, inside beautiful, loved, bodies that are sitting at our ideal weight, are strong, toned, healed and healthy, yes even after we’ve had our beautiful babies!

I aim to inspire, motivate and lead you from wherever you may be in your fitness journey, by designing specialised, targeted 10 and 12 week programs, and an ongoing lifestyle membership package which includes fun, fresh, 10-40 minute workouts you can fit around that busy lifestyle, and reap serious rewards from!

Take action today to reclaim, renew, and revive your zest for living your best life, inside you best body, become a part of our amazing community of supportive and inspiring women, all dedicated to the journey of achieving a fun, fit, fabulous life!

Lifestyle Membership

Lifestyle Membership

Unlimited access to workouts
Only $12 per week or $120 for 12 weeks

Mummy Tummy

Mummy Tummy

10 week transformation program
$29 per week

Extreme Summit

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Specialised Woman Only Online Personal Training and Nutrition Programs

What our clients are saying

Iritana Rongonui, who's now 20kg

I lost 20kg

Iritana Rongonui

Hine 8 weeks

Hine 8 weeks

Lydia mummy tummy wks 6-8

Lydia mummy tummy weeks 6-8