Hi, I’m Kylie, a solo mum of 3 beautiful crazy kids from Taranaki, New Zealand, a passionate personal trainer, nutrition coach, animal lover, and the proud owner of Trained by Kylie, a unique online personal training and nutrition company catering specifically to a womans body and needs. I lead several targetted programs, addressing, and offering you the healthiest, fastest, most fun solution out there!

Weight loss, toning, strength and conditioning coaching in the comfort of your own home, in short, fun videos I film LIVE (bloopers included) including HIIT, pilates, cardio, weights, resistance bands, yoga and guided meditations.

We also offer an incredible support network for woman who are undergoing their health a fitness journeys, you can join thousands of other woman, learning how to balance and integrate, their health, fitness, and quality nutrition, within busy full lives. I have helped thousands of woman reach their health and fitness goals worldwide using my 10 and 12 week programs and weekly Lifestyle memberships!

In the last 2 years I have worked relentlessly to craft my passion and skills to be able to bring you the very best of online personal training, and have created Trained by Kylie especially for the needs and wants, of busy woman, and to offer the perfect solution for you to see that you can spend some time prioritisng your own health – and the flow on effect from this is a happier life!

The truth is without self love, self care, and self prioritizing, we are making it impossible to put our best selves forwards, and live our best lives, setting the best examples to our kids and to other woman. This is your opportunity to reclaim, renew, inspire, and love the body you are, and fell great about your food choices, your health, and yoou will see that when we love ourselves, we love those around us that much more deeply, and our lives can literally transform! I get to see this transformation daily at Trained by Kylie.

My aim was to create programs that fits a busy lifestyle, are maintainable and sustainable, flexible, and deliver fast effective results!

Each membership comes with a delicious weight loss meal plan – shopping lists and meal planner too, and exclusive member discounts on our specialised programs and meal plans!

Results blow us away each and every day – check out our pages for some truly remarkable testimonials and before and after pictures.

The difference you’ll find with Trained by Kylie is that we keep it all very REAL! No pills, no shakes, no magic potions, just science backed nutrition, family and budget friendly foods, short sharp workouts you can do from home, from beginners to advanced, and results that are both maintainable, sustainable, and incredible!

I am incredibly dedicated to personal contact with my members – I am not just a social media face, this company is my passion and I deliver my very best to you so you can proser and thrive! You’ll hear back from me directly with every message, I do LIVE q and a’s, have an amazing support forum and an incredible decade worth of knowledge to share in my Vlog/blog at www.trainedbykylie.com

I am especially passionate about giving woman back their bodies after babies! I have designed a proven program to tighten, tone, heal and strengthen the entire core, while trimming excess fat from your body and replacing it with long lean strong muscles. We build strong bodies, we also help you to rebuild self-esteem and confidence.

Our experience alone sets us apart, and we look forward to connecting soon.

From my family, to yours,

Kylie x