Four Week Summer Shred Bootcamp

$12.00 / week with a 4-week free trial and a $299.00 sign-up fee

Join the most rewarding and progressive online workout membership program in NZ!

Get the results you are after, from the comfort of your own home, or take your program to the gym!

Each week over the next 4 weeks you will pushed to your physical maximum! We are going to leave nothing in the tank, and really give our bodies the shake up they need after what has been a rough year for so many!

5 workouts per week – and 2 active recoveries means physically we will be aiming for our maximum fat burning ability, with maximum muscle tone!

The nutrition guide is jam packed with recipes, and tools to achieve the dramatic results we want to see by the end of the program! Nutritious, delicious, and we wont be leaving any aspect unidentified along the way – so if you’re an emotional eater, or you blow out your healthy eating every weekend – expect this to equipt you with the accountability and discipline to gain control again!

The specialised TbK Aspect Pyramid training will dive us deep into our habits, mindset, and encourage a healthier more aware version of yourself to exit the program – one who is lighter, stronger, fitter and ready to toast to the end of 2020 with confidence, stamina and feeling of accomplishment!

Lets do it together x

All filmed LIVE by Kylie each week!

Meal planner, recipes, inspo and support galore!

Come join the leading hollistic movement in online fitness and health – discover your unique blueprint of health, and how to manage and optimise your fat burning potential – and have fun along the way!

Ky x