Extreme 8 Week Bootcamp – Weekly Payments

$69.00 / week for 10 weeks

8 Week Extreme Transformation Program.



Welcome to our Extreme 8 Week Bootcamp Program! This program speaks to those of you are feeling truly stuck and in need of an intensive mind/body/soul reset!

It is the most intensive course I have ever offered and will suit woman who know they need a full immersion, black and white system, with concentrated one on one support and customisation.

This course requires you to workout 5 x a week for 60 + minutes, and stick strictly to the meal plan. It includes twice weekly video group chats, one 1-to-1 call each week, meal plan & nutrition guide, mind training, daily journal entry, weekly homework tasks, and your full commitment to the program as I only take a selected few each 8 week intake.

This program will use intermittent fasting and a strict calorie deficit with intense workouts and plenty of support too get you shift weight and fast! Get ready to fall in love with life, and your self all over again! Serious commitment required, serious results expected!

We dive deep into my Pyramid Aspect Training and so a full commitment to raw, real, honest, exposure of yourself in this safe space is required and your full support of others on the program also.

Get ready for the biggest and best wake up call you’ve ever experienced!

10-20kg weight loss is common.