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$12.00 / week with a 7-day free trial and a $1.00 sign-up fee

Join the most diverse at home workout program available!

Each week you receive unlimited access to the brand new Burn, Tone, Flow, Booty Blast, Strong Arm, and Core Cruncher workouts filmed by me, live, especially for woman, all over the world!

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These fun, fat burning, full body toning programs can be followed each day – follow me as I guide you through sets that will have you energised, strong, fit, healthy, toned, and having fun too!

Mondays and Thursdays I release BURN, a full body fat burning workout, using just our body weight, and a combination of both pilates, and hiit moves.

Tuesdays and Fridays I release the latest TONE workout, here I teach you how to use resistance bands, light free weights, and simple equiptment you will find around your home such as a chair, or a towel!

Workouts start at just 10 minutes through to 45, so dont worry if you are a beginner, I break it down into 3 sets so there’s room for beginners through to advanced! Listen for the cues and join in!

Wednesdays I release FLOW, a gentle, integrative body movement class predominantly using Yoga, but also aspects of Thai Chi, Dance, and Intuitive movement. We release stress, tension, muscle aches and pains, and connect deeply into a healing, stretching, flow of movement and get in touch with our individual body.  Learning to notice, and respect the beautiful gift of movement and our bodies.

And dont forget about the 6 minute additions! I know just how hard it can be to target stubborn areas, so each week I release a new 6 minute Core Cruncher, Booty Blast, and Strong Arm workout you can use to really target areas you may have found hard to in the past!

Each week straight from “Ky’s Kitchen” to yours, a tried and true family favourite recipe is released, low calorie but never low in flavour or wow factor! If you love cooking healthy meals for your family, usually prepped in less than 10 mins, this is the space for you!

You will also receive my Meal Planner printable pdf, access to our facebook group support forum, win prizes, and connect directly with me!

You can track your weight loss goals here, upload pics, and connect with like minded woman in a fun, safe, online community like no other – so what are you waiting for!?

And each completed workout will give your unique profile points, and at the end of each month, members win prizes! How cool is that!

Come on in and get started, we’re ready!

Ky x